Playing on the ambiguity of the English word terrific, used, both in the negative, indicating something awful (archaic), and the positive to refer to beauty that is out of the ordinary, amazing, in this instalment of The Moodboarders we have put together conflicting issues: good things in bad taste (in the style of Guido Gozzano), artistic follies, exhibitions on the border between fascination and disgust, that touch the senses before reason, figurative obsessions, and playful and naive fantasies. The thermometer registers epochal fluctuations ever more frequent and the confine between good and bad taste is increasingly blurred. Trends follow and chase one another, creating a melting pot of style, “a sort of battlefield”, as it was in the twentieth century, as defined by the artist Barbara Kruger, motherhood, subject of the exhibition “The Great Mother” curated by Massimiliano Gioni, the idea of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation and sponsored by the City of Milan (Royal Palace, 26 August to 15 November 2015), a fascinating and disturbing inauguration of the artistic season in Milan.

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